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Writing is a dream come true for me.  Reading was something that helped me escape unpleasant things in life.  Being able to blog about books that transport me to different times and places, well that's another dream come true.


Captured by a Laird

Captured by a Laird - Margaret Mallory Captured by a Laird by Margaret Mallory

Bravo to Margaret Mallory on Captured by a Laird. She wove a wonderful story of historical facts and those left to her imagination. Captured by a Laird was full of history, love, angst, and the maturing of two people destined to be together. Both had experiences in life that made them feel less than the people they would become, they were able to grow towards each other and fall in love amidst family strife, war, uncertain allegiances and past hurts.
I recommend this book to anyone who loves historical romance and history.
[bc:Captured by a Laird|23121951|Captured by a Laird (The Douglas Legacy, #1)|Margaret Mallory||42670982]