Romance on Wheels

Writing is a dream come true for me.  Reading was something that helped me escape unpleasant things in life.  Being able to blog about books that transport me to different times and places, well that's another dream come true.


September Ends

September Ends - Hunter S. Jones "She goes out into the garden...There's a full moon. And another vision. She sinks to her knees on the lawn. Jack's words fill the sky, verse after verse. Only to crumble line by line until they are nothing more than a jumble of letters which then go their separate ways, back into the universe from whence they came."

Love the phrasing used in this paragraph. September Ends is as well choreographed as it is well written. The characters of Liz, Pete and Jack are so real, you will feel that you know them, or that you have had a similar experience of love and loss. You will want to add this to your TBR list.