Romance on Wheels

Writing is a dream come true for me.  Reading was something that helped me escape unpleasant things in life.  Being able to blog about books that transport me to different times and places, well that's another dream come true.


Out of the Box Awakening

Out of the Box Awakening - Jennifer Theriot 5.0 out of 5 stars Wow! A mature love story that will amaze you.

Wow. Jennifer Theriot wrote a fantastic book. Ash Harper is a sexy, wealthy widower. Having a dark secret, a marriage filled with a controlling cold wife and then having to watch her die, leaves him worn out and deflated.

Olivia Peterson is pushed out of her home of 30 years due to her husband's job transfer. Leaving her grown children behind to move across the country, she is nervous and emotional. When she lands in Chicago to reunite with her husband, he isn't there, emotionally or physically. Ash Harper is. A long time friend of Olivia's husband.

Ash and Olivia find they have much in common and enjoy spending time together. What happens during the course of this love story is amazing.

This book contains it all; family values, rock stars, grown children with lives of their own, jealousy, wealth, heartbreak but mostly LOVE!