Romance on Wheels

Writing is a dream come true for me.  Reading was something that helped me escape unpleasant things in life.  Being able to blog about books that transport me to different times and places, well that's another dream come true.


In the Firelight

In the Firelight - Sibylla Matilde 4.5 stars. Great setting in beautiful Montana and Shea is clearly in love with her town and her land. Thinking her life is just fine living alone with Wolfie as her only companion in her grandfather's little cabin, Shea is getting by. She is a strong woman with a potty mouth, but she is real. When Rhys pops in her life, she is unsettled and not happy about it. She finds she can't deny the attraction and thinks, "What the Hell?" Nothing worth its weight is easy and they both have to work hard to either stay together or forget each other. Rhys however, is a player and there to do a job, screw around and leave. He doesn't even expect to like Shea, and negotiates with his boss for hazard pay. But the attraction is undeniable. Great story, great characters, great setting. I received this book free from the Fifty Shades ARR group.