Romance on Wheels

Writing is a dream come true for me.  Reading was something that helped me escape unpleasant things in life.  Being able to blog about books that transport me to different times and places, well that's another dream come true.


Would you Work for Free?

I would like to share a fabulous post by a fellow author I respect, D.K. Cassidy.  What do you think?


"There seems to be a trend among readers to only download free eBooks. I understand wanting to save money especially when it involves buying a book from an unknown indie author. But I ask, would you work for free? Writers, artists of all kinds, work hundreds of hours honing their craft. Although we do this because we love to write, in reality, being paid is nice as well. In our society money is a sign of value. If we give away all of our books, what does that say about how we value art?

What if the book is a dud? That’s what reviews are for. Leave a constructive review about why you didn’t like the book. Also, some vendors have a return policy. Readers wanting a free read abuse this policy sometimes, but overall I think most customers use it when the book is terrible. Instead of writing a long post about this, I would like to share one by friend and fellow author Karl Wiggins. By the way, if you like to read funny, raw (no holds barred) books, he’s the guy."